Operation Chloe: Part 5


After surgery

Surgery ended up lasting 8 hours.I first woke up in the operating room before the nurses brought me to the ICU. I stayed in the Intensive Care Unit for two days. In the ICU, the nurses and doctors work to get the pain medications “just right” and make sure I am well enough to be transferred to the 10th floor (the orthopedic surgery floor). The first night after surgery is always the hardest.

Staying in the Hospital

From the ICU, I was sent to 10NW where all patients have had orthopedic (bone) surgery. The nurses were wonderful and I saw a doctor every day. I slept A LOT. When I was feeling better, I got to go for walks in the hospital, play games and do crafts. I even got to order my own lunch from the hospital cafeteria. Thankfully, my dad and brother brought me food from a restaurant, too. CHEESE FRIES. Yum!


Corey Olin