Operation Chloe: Part 1


A little about little me

Hello my name is Chloe Joyce and before we get started I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am twelve years old, I have a younger brother named Ethan; he is seven years old and he is my best friend.  For fun I like to sew. I make rice bags, pillows and I do a little bit of quilting too. I play the clarinet for my school band!  I have three dogs named Molly, Lucy and Bailey. 


My little brother Ethan calls himself my "protector."

I love him!

My wheels

I’ve used a wheelchair since I was two years old. I was born with congenital spinal dysgenesis.  (That means that one of my vertebrate was out of place and pinching my spinal cord.) My spinal cord was very delicate, so when I had surgery to fix the vertebrate, the signal to my legs was interrupted. Now I have something called post-operative paraplegia - which just means that I can’t move my legs when I want to. Yes, I can feel my legs. My legs just don’t listen to me when I tell them to move. I also walk with the help of leg braces called KFO’s and a walker.

Corey Olin