Challenges Of Going Back To School


Another Answer! 

I recently got a question about school so here it is:

"How do you feel about the challenges of going back to school? It will be an adjustment for all of you. I’d love to hear your thoughts." 

First of all thank you for this wonderful question! And, yes, it will be a tough transition for us all. This year for me will be harder than others because I haven't been in school for a year. Going back will be a big transition. On the bright side, though:

1) I love school and learning (especially math).

2) It will be nice to actually be able to be in school since it is my last year of middle school.

3) I have stayed in touch with many of my friends while I was homebound, so there won't be a problem with socializing! 

Something that always helps me get ready for school is going back-to-school shopping! Today, my mom, brother and I did just that. We went to a nearby Target and got my supplies! (office/school supplies are my favorite things!) I also love to buy new clothes and shoes to start a new year!

Now that I have covered some of the basics, here is a list of things to prepare yourself for a new year of learning! 

1.) Plan out your first week of school outfits ahead of time.  I even like to choose outfits for the first 2 weeks! I always say to plan ahead on everything! 

2.) Go school supply shopping a few weeks early to get your mind off from "losing summer" and instead of worrying, choose to get excited! Plus, if you get your preparations done early, you can get back to enjoying summer instead of rushing to prepare for fall.

3.) Fill your backpack with your new school supplies and keep it by the door until school starts!

4.) Keep you responsibilities in the front of your brain, like: remembering keys and phones, having a homework plan, schedule blog posts, etc.

5.) Lastly, once you are prepared, don't thing about school until it is acutely here! Instead, keep summering! School will be here soon enough and there will be plenty to be excited about when it does. 


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