Pros and Cons Of Being Homebound


Ups and Downs about Flu Season!


Ever since early elementary school, I have missed a couple of months of school due to flu season. When you are born with decreased lung function and a shorter thoracic area, they call that “thoracic insufficiency.” That means my coughs are not as strong as the average person and it is hard to clear secretions from my lungs. Also, respiratory infections are particularly dangerous for anyone with neuromuscular diseases.

Still, there are goods things about being homebound. Right now, while my mom and dad are at work and Ethan is at school, I stay at my Nana and Great Grandpa’s house. To keep up with school, I connect to classes via Google Hangouts and I get to video conference into my classes. I also have a tutor who comes over every day to fill me in on what I missed and keep me caught up with assignments. Even my physical therapist comes to the house so I can keep strong.

Pros of homebound time:

  • Cooking lessons from Nana: Ever since I could sit up I have had a series of cooking lessons with my Nana. We have made everything from a simple applesauce all the way to a full blown Sunday dinner.

  • Staying in: There is nothing better than staying indoors on a cold morning, wearing comfortable clothes, skipping the time doing hairstyles, and doing school work and blogs!

  • Spending the morning with my brother: My brother goes to Nana’s and Great Grandpa’s house and gets on the bus there. When I am home, we go over there together and have breakfast together in the morning. We get to hang out until my Great Grandpa takes Ethan down to the bus.

  • Staying healthy: Of course, the main reason I am homebound during flu season is to not get the flu or other wintery respiratory infections.

Cons of homebound time:

  • Not seeing friends at school: Not seeing my friends is a big bummer but, to look on the bright side, we live in modern day technology times, so we can text each other.

  • The other side of technology times: Calling into school does not always work because of internet outages or wifi trouble. Then, I can’t do my work along with the class. Bummer.

  • I miss band: I can’t practice my clarinet with the whole band when I am home. But my band teacher may come and give me private lessons, so fingers crossed!

So I guess looking at how few cons there is up there, staying homebound during flu season is not so bad after all! For every bad thing that may be going on in your life remember there is always at least 2 good things to help you get through it! Just remember to look at your evidence because there really is a bright side to just about everything!

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