Back To Boston Round 10!


Best appointment Ever!!

This past appointment went so well! I can hardly bare it!

Looking back, I don’t know why I was so nervous! Dr.Shore wasn’t there (which made me a little nervous) but his very nice resident physician gave me all of the good news! My hips are 100% in place. I am not even kidding! I am still not quick back to normal yet so I have a lot of work ahead of me to get my bones and muscles back into shape.

So, here is the good news: The first bit of good news is my favorite: I don’t need my wedge to sleep anymore! The wedge keeps my hips abducted while I sleep. Now, I can use a tube pillow that will wrap around me and make it feel like I am on my side. I have wanted to change positions while sleeping for more than a year and this is a great first step to get me there.

Also, I got my brace lengthened because I couldn’t bend my knees to get into my brace. We couldn’t figure out why until I learned that I grew. My brace was too short for my growing legs (my bones are healing). To boot, the whole top half of my brace is no longer necessary. So, goodbye body-brace and hello leg braces! For those of you wondering about how much I grew: I am now a whopping 4ft tall and 53lbs!

I also had a cardiac (heart) appointment! Guess what?! The doctor does not even want to see me again! How cool is that!?! My favorite part of that appointment was the echocardiogram. I loved seeing all of the valves moving! It was so cool! Lets see what else… oh right after all of my good news we went to my favorite pizza place! Otto’s pizza! I love their mashed potato, bacon and chive! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! We sat next to the serving rack so you could see all of the pizza. I was so hungry for pizza I couldn’t think about anything else! When I saw the pizza come out I almost fell out of my chair! And I didn’t waste any time getting right in there! I ate 2 and a half large pieces! It was so good!

When we got back to the hotel room me and Ethan got into our swim suits and headed down to the pool! We did a little bit of swimming and headed back of to get some rest for a long drive home!

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