Sunshine and Amazing news!


So Excited!!!!!  

HI everybody! I do not even know how to say this right now - BUT I have had the best Boston-week EVER!  Ahhhhh!! I am so exited to tell you all about my awesome trip to Boston!

*Okay, now, I am writing. Okay, Chloe, now get focused!*

HI everyone I am so exited to tell you about my latest trip to Boston!

DAY 1: Today I have a Back appointment and I am super nervous that I might have another back surgery thrown at me. We are on out way to the Main elevators to get my X-rays done for my back and hips. After, we head to the orthopedic center at Fegan 2 and I am a nervous wreck! BUT,  I think to myself: I can´t borrow these worries and God has a special plan for me. I hear my name called and we go to the room to wait some more until... I hear a knock on the door and I say come in! There he is, one of my favorites,  Dr. Emans. He comes in to tell us that my spine has only increased in curve by about five degrees over the last five years!  I instantly breathe a sigh of relief and I give my dad a big fist bump (that's kind of our thing) and my amazing mom gave me a huge hug! The doctor also told us that if nothing changes I will not need a spinal fusion (which was a worrisome thought for all of us since I was little). As we left I was so exited to tell my brother and Meme(who was with Ethan) and the rest of my family. We celebrated that win by going for a nice walk around Brookline Village. 

Day 2: Today I didn´t have any appointments so we planned on taking the T to Quincy market and go shopping. I have not taken the T in a while so I knew this would be fun. I am so exited to go to Quincy market. The train goes really fast and Meme said it was more like a roller coaster! When we arrive, my stomach starts growling. Since I am hungry we head right into the Quincy market food court. I ate a huge bowl of orange chicken and noodles before we head down to the pier. The sunshine and ocean breeze were spectacular! After doing a little shopping, we headed back to the hotel and realized that we had taken and eight and a half mile walk. That felt incredible. 

Day 3: Today is my hip appointment and I am a nervous wreck again but really trying to not borrow more worries. My X-rays have already been done so we just have to go directly to the orthopedic center and wait to get called in. I really had a feeling that my hip would be in place but worried that I would have to stay in this brace full time still. I knew whatever chance I could get out of my brace, I would be happy with. Still, I sort of had a feeling that things were going to go well at this visit. And boy did ¨baby steps"pay off! Dr. Shore came into our room with a smile! He said my hips look good and we need to get me back to my baseline. I only need to wear my brace for dry land PT and my wedge to sleep in. I could barely wait to go back to the hotel and take the brace off! I could not wait to celebrate my big accomplishment at Magnoliaś Smokehouse. I didnt hold back with my celebrating and ordered a half rack of ribs and a bowl of macaroni and cheese. I do not want to say that I finished the ribs, but I did. haha. The last 8 months of surgeries, being still, and hard work are paying off. I even got to get in the pool that night as part of the victory celebration. 

Day 4: After a peaceful night sleep, my parents took me back to the hospital once more for a visit with the mobility clinic. I met two very nice therapists who let me test drive a POWER CHAIR!!!!! I passed my first driverś test and I felt great cruising the halls and sitting ¨tall and proud!¨ I was nearly as tall as my mom. It felt cool after I got over feeling too tall, at first. 

So, we head back in April to get my H-KAFOś (a brace that will support my torso and legs for standing practice.) Then, we go back again in early July for another orthopedic visit and to hopefully bring home my new power chair. 

I also learned that I will be out of school for the rest of the year. I have a lot of work to do to get my body back in shape. My muscles are weak right now because I did not use them much for eight months and physical therapy is hard but I am ready for the challenge. #challengeaccepted I know hard work pays off and I should get paid well with all the hard work ahead. 

Thank you all for your well-wishes and for following me. I remember when I had to have the revision surgery, I just felt like giving up. I was ready to settle for non-working hips and accept that my future could be painful with back issues and arthritis. With love and support, I did not give up and I held onto hope for a happy future.

They say things happen for a reason and I really think that this experience has helped me to find my voice and my purpose. I have a lot to say to the world so keep following me. Remember, to never give up and to keep smiling.  If I can do it, so can you!



Chloe Joyce