My Brother, My Friend, My Hero


My Brother, My Friend, My hero 

 A lot of you are commenting on how close me and my brother are.  Even though we are 5 and a half years apart we are best buds! I wished for a brother for a long time! Yes, we argue from time to time but that is what siblings do! When we get up in the morning my little (big) brother carries out of my bed and puts me in my wheel chair! We have been so close ever since he was born.

  So that was some background on Ethan and I. Recently,  I interviewed my brother so you could hear from his voice. You can see that he is a direct and to the point kind of guy.

Question 1

Me: What Where you feeling when you found out I was going to have to have surgery in August?

Ethan: I was feeling sad

Question 2

Me: What did you you do while I was in surgery?

Ethan: I ate in the Hospital cafeteria,I had a nap with my mom and went to the gift shop to pick out a present for you. 

Question 3

Me: Where you nervous the day of surgery ?

Ethan: I was a little worried

Question 4

Me: Was it a really long wait? 


Question 5

Me: Did you like going to the gift shop?

Ethan: yes I liked picking out The balloon.

Question 6

Me: How was the walk between the hospital to the hotel?

Ethan: It was good exercise I liked seeing the outside at night

Question 7

Me: What was your favorite place to eat in Boston?

Ethan: I liked eating at Lee's burgers on beacon street. I liked getting a vanilla milkshake and a burger with daddy.

Question 8

Me: Were you exited to go home from Boston?

Ethan: No I really wanted to stay in Boston. I want to live there.

Question 9

Me: What would you like to tell others about me? 

Ethan: Chloe is smart ,Kind and 10% more famous than me.

Question 10

Me: What are you looking forward to when we return to Boston?

Ethan: riding my scooter , swimming and going to the exercise room.    




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