A Chloe Original


This is a good one

I was painting the other day and I thought up a quote; a Chloe original:

“ Everyone is different it but it is up to you to treat them the same” -Chloe Joyce

I was inspired to come up with this original when I tried to paint the perfect Christmas tree. My hand got a little shaky, making my lines uneven and squiggly. Then I thought, “this tree will just be it’s own kind of pine tree.” It does not matter if it is a perfect painting or not: it is still a Christmas tree just like all of the others. Think about sunrises. Every sunrise up there looks different. No matter how different, all sunrises, and sunsets too, are simply what they are… we just have remember to value each one. In publishing, this I realize I painted “It’s up to yo.” oooooops! I will be proofreading a little better before I go to town posting originals in the future. Eh, we all learn from our mistakes.

I like to think that no matter how different someone is you should treat them like everyone else. If someone is a wheelchair user, like me, remember that we enjoy the same conversations as you. So, please take heart to love, share, and respect others the same even if you have to crouch down in order to do so.

Corey Olin1 Comment