Being Different Being Awesome Part 4


I Am More Like You Than You Think!

As I conclude my first series of the year, I thought I would end on showing that I am more like you than you would think.  

I go to school, just like you did. I can go to the movies, the park, play an instrument, hang out with my friends, and go shopping (just like you!) I love cuddling with my dogs and playing games with my family.

With a little help from my wheels, I also can:

Cook!  Now, with my powerchair, Sunflower, I enjoy being able to do the things I love. Getting around in the kitchen is sooooo much easier! I flip up my foot plates, grab a pan and I just cook away! Me, My brother and mom had a snow day yesterday and my Nana got us a air fryer… so snow day + air fryer means that I made french fries with queso to dip and chilled out with a movie.

Chores! I can happily do chores now that I can rise up to the sink to wash dishes. I also get to hang up my own clothes (yes, I said “get to”).

So the message here is to be okay with being yourself. When you are busy being different, go ahead and be awesomely different! Also, please remember, just because someone doesn’t talk like you, walk like you, or look like you, doesn’t mean you should shy away. You probably have more in common with those “different people” than you think.


Different and awesome!

Corey Olin3 Comments