The Coolest Thing!  

The first Friday of school my parents picked me and my brother up early. They told us we had an appointment. Soon after getting home I saw a large van pull into our driveway. I was thinking to myself “ oh, someone is either turning around or mail is here.” Then my mom starts recording videos and taking pictures on her phone. So again, I thought to myself: “what is going on? It’s not Christmas and it is not my birthday.” Then It gets even more confusing for me because my brother is giggling and trying not to say something...

Someone was at the door,

Is it paparazzi?

Is is the news paper?

Is it Publisher’s Clearinghouse tell us that we won a million dollars?


The door starts to open

I see a power chair rolling through the entryway by the kind people at National Seating & Mobility. They new I was going without a personal wheelchair and made the long drive to deliver my power chair to us. We are all so grateful for Peter and everyone there.

I ask: “Is that mine?!”

“Yes, this is yours!”

I’m trying to keep my cool and figure out the events that I am seeing. On the inside I am dancing with excitement! I thought we wouldn’t be able to get it until October… and suddenly it is here right now!

After a few minutes, I could no longer contain my excitement. I start giggling. I am soooooooo exited! I got the Permobil model M300.

If you were wondering about the title, “Sunflower” that’s her name! You know that I name all of my chairs are named after flowers. I thought Sunflower would be a perfect name for the chair that makes me so tall!

Sunflower has so many useful and life-changing features! She can:

She can recline (Sunflower helps me to lay down and get comfy for movie time!)

She can grow! (Sunflower helps me to grow soooo tall! I love being as tall as my peers and some of my family members!…LIFE-CHANGING)

Her foot rest goes up! (The foot rest feature is more than just a foot rest; I put my desk from adaptive design on the raised foot rest. This set up is perfect for school work and crafting)

Sunflower goes so fast!! (I can motor up to 6 miles per hour).

I am sooooo exited about my chair!

When I am in school I can adjust my chair to any table! I think my favorite thing about my chair is the raising and lowering! I love looking eye to eye with my pears and my family!

It is a whole new world for me. Sunflower makes me love the skin that I am in even more!

Chloe JoyceComment