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Out of your blog posts, which is your favorite?: Let’s see… I have many favorites but I think out of them all is “A Kid in Wheel Life.” There is something special about one that started it all. I think I really enjoy reading that one because that blog is the most meaningful, to me. Of course, for the sake of humor, I also really like “Foods I Like Love and Won’t Eat.” That blog is so funny (at least I think that it is). Great Question!

What is your favorite part of blogging?: My favorite part of blogging is that I love to share my story with all of you! I really love to write down about what I am feeling and I really like to write about my daily life. When I write and connect to others, it makes me feel connected to the rest of the people around me.

More crafts?: Lately, it has been a little tricky to fit my crafts into my routine because getting back to school, band, physical therapy, doctor appointments, typical chores, etc, have been a time consuming adjustment… but I am working on another quilt (thanks to my Aunt Abby’s mom) and I would like to start getting more rice bags done!! I also have been painting with water colors so, while crafting isn’t at the top of my priority list just yet, it is near the top.

And as always I am always open to your questions and blog Ideas! Don’t forget to make someone smile today!  

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