Being Different Being Awesome Part 2


wheels or not, here I come!

I love to go for walks at our local park, at the beach, or even in my own back yard! While out on walks, love to take pictures and seeing animals! Sometimes, it does get hard to do what I love when there are no curb cuts or there is a curb cut but there are cars blocking the accessible path to the sidewalk. These are some of the obstacles that make the living a normal life a bit harder for those with mobility issues. But don’t let challenge stop you! My dad has been known for carrying me, in my wheelchair, up steps if it means getting to our destination. Going for a walk, or really going anywhere, involves a lot of planning, like:

  1. Will there be accessible parking?

  2. Is there an accessible path or access to the path?

  3. Are there wheelchair ramps or elevators to get me to a 2nd story

  4. What is the terrain like? (my power chair can handle some rougher terrain but my manual chair can’t.)

Boston is also a beautiful place for getting outside. Whether it is just walking up the road or taking a longer walk to Harvard Street, it’s all beautiful! Taking a stroll in my backyard is especially fun when the sun sets over the trees. I just love to look at the simple things because I enjoy seeing them as the most beautiful things! So plan on getting out there and seeing the beauty around you!

Chloe Joyce