Minky Couture! 


Best Blanket Ever! 

I cannot wait to tell you about one of my all-time favorite things. It's a blanket collection by Minky Couture


Seriously, guys, these blankets are the best. I wish you could feel how soft they are, even after many washes. We have four Minky blankets in our house. They are super cuddly and soft and they even have some weight to them so they give you similar comfort as a weighted blanket.

Nearly one year ago this company had a giveaway promotion asking why you could use a Minky Couture blanket. My mom entered by posting news about my upcoming surgery. Unfortunately we did not win the giveaway but shortly after the promotion ended, my mom received a message saying that they would like to send me one of their amazing and super soft Minky blankets to help in my recovery.

Minky Couture has earned a reputation for selling completely amazing and unbelievably soft blankets. They also have a program called The Heart of Minky which gives a Mini Minky to a NICU every time an adult-sized Minky is purchased. Thank you Minky Couture for being so kind and encouraging others to spread kindness! 

If you know someone who needs a little extra love or if you are in the mood to share a little joy and kindess please consider a Minky Couture blanket. 

Chloe JoyceComment