Fall Feelings


Crafting Season!

I love this time of year! I love turning on the fire place (even if it is early). I also love that autumn means that we can start watching Christmas movies (even if that’s early, too)! Yes, I love summer but there is that vibe about fall that makes me feel cozy!

I LOVE it when we cuddle up and watch movies, and watch the leaves change their color. In case you were wondering, yes, I do like Thanksgiving too but I am a Christmas enthusiast!

Let’s take a minute to appreciate fall:

The Colors: I love to paint nature!! I love to look at all of the colors and how the trees and plants are changing. The beauty of it just blows me away!

Crafting: This is the perfect season to make and enjoy rice bags. There’s nothing like a cinnamon-scented rice bag after it has been warmed in the microwave. Since fall is soooo rainy, why not stay inside and craft.

Movie Time: The summer is no time to movie and television show binge. I can easily watch two movies in a row or a marathon of The Flash on CW #maythespeedforcebewithyou

Release the Christmas Music: Halloween was yesterday and Christmas music starts today.

My Birthday: I’m sure there is lots more that I didn’t mention but here’s an important reason to love fall… MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING!!! December 16th is the anniversary of my big debut… Look out world!!!


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