Hope Smiles


Thank you! 

Recently I received gifts from 2 organizations called Jars of Hope - "Inspired by Caroline" and  Sharing Smiles - Team Meagan. I would like to thank all of those people for making me smile! I would also like to tell you a little bit about those amazing  people! Jars of Hope sends fun little activities and a favorite-patterned pillowcase  in a jar.  Sharing Smiles sent me a bag of fun little games and drawing activities with some of the coolest pencils I have ever used! Both of these organizations work to send messages of happiness and hope. Even though you may hurting, you do not have to do so alone and you can still smile even though there may be pain. 

What's also cool is that both organizations thought to remember by brother. Sometimes it is hard for him when people pay a lot of attention to me. Sometimes, he feels forgotten. Without even knowing that both Jars of Hope and Sharing Smiles thought of Ethan and knew that he could use a hopeful smile, too. He really felt loved and important opening these two packages. Seeing that happen just added to my own happiness. 

I really want to thank both of these amazing people for thinking of me and my brother! People who spread kindness need a shout out and I wanted to write about them so the world can see that there is more good than bad and that sharing kindness is unforgettable. 

You can find Jars of Hope "Inspired by Caroline" on Facebook. Brian Goetz has a public page and the address is https://www.m.facebook.com/groups/974791335924503

Sharing Smiles, Team Megan is a private group on Facebook by Cari Rickman https://m.facebook.com/TeamMeagan96/

Both pages are in search of donations in order to sponsor kids who receive gifts. Thank you for checking it out and remember to spread kindness!

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