The Best Weekend Ever


Holy Smokes Ethan Is 8 

One of the best days of my life was April 7th 2010. Yes! That was the day my best friend made his debut! As I have said before My li'l (big) bro is my everything I call him my brother, my friend and my hero because he is always there for me and I am here for him whenever he needs me. When I fall Ethan is always the first one there and asks me if I am OK. When we were little Ethan and I were playing in the basement together and I was in a ride along and I fell off it. It was not a very long fall only an inch or 2 and E asked if I was OK.  He ran upstairs to get my parents and and he brought them down to check on me and he said "Coco fell - is she OK?"  How cute is it that he called me Coco?! Another cool story of Ethan is when I was at his school for therapy he saw me walking in my walker towards the playground. His class was heading outside to play and when he saw me, he jumped out of line to give me a hug. He practically picked me up and he gave me a kiss and went back into his class line!

If you know my brother you will know that he is shy but hysterically funny. He is cute but prefers to be called handsome. He is strong but sensitive. He is witty but kind and he makes our family smile. Happy birthday my brother , my friend , my hero. you make your whole family so proud!    

Happy Birthday Ethan!! 

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