My Fur Siblings


Molly, Lucy and Bailey

Molly was our first dog. She is a ten year old Schnodle (a schnauzer/poodle mix). Even though she is ten, she still acts like a rambunctious one year old. She's smart but thinks she is still a puppy. She was such a tornado puppy that we got her a puppy to play with. 

Lucy is a 6 year old Springer Spaniel. We call her Lucy Goosey because she is so quick to flop over and show her tummy. She is a great listener and helped Molly learn how to be a well-behaved dog. Molly and Lucy are hysterical together. Lucy was a pet store dog. We thought we were saving her. She has a lot of health issues and cannot see and suffers from constant urinary tract infections. Poor thing. She is happy, though.

Enter Bailey. Bailey was abandoned by his last family. He is our first rescue dog. We know that he is part Shih Tzu and all lazy. He is my baby. Whenever I am sore or my brother is sick, Bailey knows that he needs to cuddle us. We are certain that Bailey thinks he is a cat. He may even have been raised by cats. He lays in the window all day long, chases a laser light, and licks everything! We love him and he fits in perfectly with our family.




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