Knotties Headbands


You have to check these out!  

Seriously you guys these are the best headbands ever! Knotties has an amazing selection of all different sizes from newborn to adult. Knotties just sent me a headband that says "World Changer! They also have a very wide selection of patterns that include pretty much anything you could imagine! New styles get posted all the time. They are currently out of stock online but will have the School-themed Knotties ready for sale July 10th.  I really think these headbands make a great gift for a friend or for yourself.  It is super comfortable and can be worn in lots of ways. I like to wear my Knottie with a pony tail. 

 Go ahead a make a statement by getting a headband by Knotties! Check them out and make your statement! 

Corey Olin