Ten Top Tens Part 9


My Top 10 Favorite Foods 

(You all know mac n’ cheese has got to be on the lists but there is more, I promise!)

  1. Mac and cheese: This has to be the number 1 favorite! I love this so much if I was allowed I would eat this a couple times a week!

  2. Kale with potatoes,peppers and pancetta: This summer I got into the Kale recipes because not only does it taste so good but it is really healthy! You really can do anything with Kale the only limit is your imagination! 

  3. Pizza: Pizza night is my favorite night of the week! Plus we have left over pizza for the rest of the weekend! 

  4. Cheese fries: A drive-in must! If I was allowed to I would probably eat 2 servings! 

  5. Fried Dough: A fair must! Always one of my first stops are either funnel cake or fried dough! It all depends on the mood! 

  6. Shepherds pie: This potato based comfort food is definitely a top ten! 

  7. Mashed potatoes with gravy: My Nana’s homemade mashed potatoes and gravy are the best! 

  8. Chicken nuggets: This snack is the best with honey mustard and fries! 

  9. Chinese food: I love to get Chinese chicken and noodles a few times a year! I wish I could have it more! 

  10. Loaded potato soup: this is my absolute favorite kind of soup out there! I wish I could eat it all year round! 

That’s it for this top ten but stay tuned for my last top ten!! It’s a good one! 


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