Back To Boston Round 11


It’s spring and I have amazing news!

This past trip to Boston has probably been my favorite of all of the trips we have taken these past two years!

On the way down: As usual we got up and got into the car and headed to breakfast and I got my usual Panera mac & cheese (But not the large this time since I got very carsick after). Once we got to Boston we went to the Natick Mall and went shopping for my brother’s birthday. We are Huge Fans of Marvel's Avengers so Ethan got a Lego set to go with the new movie.

Appointments: Hip follow up was amazing! Dr.Shore said that my hips look really good and that I can sleep on my side! I did end up trying that while we were in the hotel just for a few minutes and it felt like a million bucks! I have not been that comfortable in such a long time. Remember, I have been only able to sleep on my back, slightly inclined, for nearly two years. I did not want to go back to laying flat after that little visit on my side. When I got home I did sleep on my side the whole night and because I was a litter over enthusiastic I had some spasms during the day. From that point on, we have been planning to take it slow and ease back into the side positions (haha, get it, “back into?”).

For Fun: I also got to swim freely in the pool with no pool chair! Even though the pool was freezing, it was worth it! My dad even went in with me and Ethan to swim with us! More Appointments: Right after my hip appointment I had my yearly back appointment. Unfortunately it did not go as planned, My spine is curving again. (Yay growth spurt! But bummer, growth spurt consequences.) It did kind of hit me hard when Dr.Emans told us that I will most likely need a fusion surgery to correct it. But good ‘ol Dr. Emans did say I will only need it of I did not like the way my spine looks (I’m not that vain nor will I jump into this lightly just because of the tape, alone). The other reason surgery will have to be considered is if my curve affects my breathing (Breathing is pretty important, I guess…). The rest of my appointments were pretty easy.

All except for that bit of news, Boston was very fun we had a great time! We celebrated Ethan’s birthday in Quincy market and ate a lot! We really had an amazing trip! We go back in October for another series of follow up appointments and new patient consults. This time, we will be there for Halloween! Stay tuned!


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