I've Got Answers!!


I'm so excited! 

A few weeks ago I polled my followers asking for questions they would like me to address in an upcoming blog. I have read your questions and will answer most of them below. 

Out of all of your blogs which one is your favorite?: I think my favorite has to be "A Kid in Wheel Life." That's the blog that really started it all for me. It wasn't my first ever posted blog. Instead, it was the first blog that I wrote after my website was up and running.  It's also my favorite because I think it inspired many people to feel comfortable talking with kids who use wheelchairs.  That is exactly what I want this blog to do for people! 

What are your top favorite movies?:  Well, lets see. I can probably name at least 5 but I have many! 

5.) A Dog's Purpose

4.) Marley and Me

3.) Wonder

2.) Miracles From Heaven

 1) This may come as a surprise to you all who know me but my favorite movie of all time (so far) is Avengers: Infinity War!  

What are your favorite books?: I recently finished The One And Only Ivan. That is one of my favorite books of all time! I highly recommend that you read it! Another one of my favorites is Wonder! As you may know it is also a movie!  I am not going to spoil either book but I guarantee that both books will melt your heart! 

What is your favorite craft?: I really enjoy making soap to give to my friends! I also have a blog on soap making that will tell you all about why I like it! 

What is your dream vacation?: Lets see. This is a really good question. I really would like to go to an ocean beach! I love any sort of beach but there is something really special about an ocean beach. The breeze feels different, there are ocean creatures, the sand is warmer and, at low tide, I can wheel right out onto the sand. 

What is your favorite part about blogging?: I really enjoy sharing my story with all of you! I feel like blogging has helped me to find my voice and it has inspired me to help others understand life from my point of view. 

Thank you all for asking me these amazing questions! I would love to do another interactive blog. If you have any ideas for the next topic drop a comment in the box below. See you all again, soon!!


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