Spring Is Coming


I am ready for spring!

If you were wondering, no, I really don't like the winter. I like hockey, sledding and and stuff like that- I just don't like to wear big heavy coats nor do I enjoy being cold. Great news, though, spring is nearly here! 

 I am getting exited for:

The park: My family and I love to go for walks at lots of different parks. My Meme (grandma) brings her dog Biddy and we like to bring Bailey when we meet up at a nearby park with great sidewalks.  My Meme and Papa's dog, Biddy, will do just about anything to go the park. At the park we like to just walk the sidewalks and chat while my brother likes to race me and the dogs. The tire swing is my favorite piece of playground equipment. I love spinning until I think I am going to throw up!  The park is fun and a great way to get some fresh air and sunshine. 

 The beach: My family lives for the beach!  If we have had a long day at school or work, we like to go for a nice long walk on the pier.  Our local beach also has a little playground with picnic tables. It's a perfect way to change a stressful day into a awesome day.

The drive in: On a lot of Fridays ( if there is a new kid-appropriate movie) we pack up the car full of blankets, pillows and snacks! Here's a funny story for you... When my uncle was visiting us we took him tho the drive in while The Emoji movie was playing, He does not like emojis at all but, to cut to the chase, we trapped him into seeing the movie any way.  Lucky for him, Wonder Woman was on next. So, he had good reason to stay and enjoy the drive in with us. I got to tease him about emojis and he got to watch Wonder Woman kick butt.  

Sunsets: Now that spring is here, it should warm up and we can do another one of my favorite things. Sunsets are a peaceful way to end the day and reminds you that each day cannot be taken for granted. As ugly as any part of your day was, the sun setting is a beautiful reminder that you have another chance to look for beauty tomorrow.      


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