Molly’s Story


We Miss You Molly Monster Joyce!

When I was 3 years old we welcomed our first dog Molly. We brought home our little monster. At first she seemed like a “normal puppy” but she was a monster. And I mean a true little monster - in the cutest and most loving way. Every time we tried to walk out the door she would find a way to escape. There were so many times that she would get away and almost get hit by a car or a tractor trailer. Most of the time we caught her and put her in the crate. Other times we did not have so much luck. That little puppy would run and run and run some more. Sometimes it even came down to leaving a trail of cookies with peanut butter all the way back to the house. There was more than one time that Molly would test her luck when she would escape by rolling in some gross decaying animal. My mom would go out and get her, with an enormous amount of effort, before getting Molly right into the bath.

Whenever we went to Boston we would visit the pet store right down the road from our hotel. We always picked up a toy for her to eat. Yes, I said “eat.” She loved her “babies.” She loved them so hard that she nibbled the stuffing right out of them. After some time, our vet recommended that we get her another dog to help calm her down. Little did we know how fast that would happen. One day, we walked into our local Pet Depot intending to “just look at the puppies”. Well, we were walking by the Clarence Puppies and our Lucy puts her paw on the glass in between us and we knew right then and there that she was the puppy for us. Later that night my parents dropped Ethan and myself off at our Meme and Papa’s house to stay the night so they could introduce the dogs to each other. When our parents brought us home the next morning Molly and Lucy were the best of buds! They would play and play! After my dad was done training Lucy to come right back we hooked her up to Molly so she could take her for a walk.

One year later, our Lucy did not react well to the anesthesia she received for her spay surgery. Soon, Lucy became almost completely blind. Since Lucy could not see very well she would startle at quick movements or new sounds. She really just wanted to be around molly. We called Molly

‘Lucy’s seeing eye dog!”  We built our two fur-girls a “Golden Girls Suite” as a place to stay comfortable.  They had their own little bedroom built into the mudroom and a “dining room.”

When Molly was about 7 or 8 we did notice a small cyst looking thing on her neck. So my parents took her to the Vet to see what needed to be done. The vet did end up surgically removing the cyst and Molly got to go home the next day. We would joke about Molly being the calmest when she was recovering.

With Molly and Lucy always in the suite me and my mom missed a lap dog so we welcomed Bailey to the crew! As soon as B came inside, Molly went right over to him and sniffed him all around and went right back to her bed. Lucy wanted nothing to do with him.

Being home last year we did do a lot with the dogs we gave them baths and brought the in the house and gave them cookies galore. But we did notice that molly’s knees were not in the best shape. She would follow my mom into the basement and would slip going back up. But did that stop her?  Nope! She was still her crazy little self! Whenever I would pet her and move my hand onto my wheel Molly pushed her head right back and sneak in a rub while snorting like a pig! That summer was one of her best and I only say that because she would walk off the leash by herself (Of course my dad was there and the lead was still attached just in case she made a run for it.).  This past February Molly suddenly took a turn for the worse. She was peeing in the suite and that was something she never did, even as a puppy, so we decided to give it time. She was still her crazy puppy looking self. After another week though she began losing weight. We made a vet appointment and explained to the vet what was happening; She lost so much so quickly that we could clearly see her spine and hips. So, she got to eat hamburger and rice several times a day.

On March 20th, we celebrated Molly’s 11th birthday with smiles on our faces and we tried to give her cookies but she did not want it. My mom picked her up and we sang to her (in a quiet voice so we did not hurt her old lady ears). I think we all knew that this would be her last birthday. We all thanked her for being our dog and for loving us the way she does. We thanked her for teaching us to live loudly and freely. After we sang to her, my mom set her gently down on her bed. Molly whimpered and my parents knew what we had to do.

My mom called the vet and asked if we could bring Molly in that day. She could not wait the two more days before her appointment. My Dad took her to the vet - they kindly stayed open for our girl. And yes Molly did have to go to sleep. But what a birthday present we got to give her: no more suffering and she got to have a Birthday on earth and in heaven. I am sure that Molly did not take her time crossing the rainbow bridge. I am certain she zipped across as fast as she could go.   And Believe me when I say it was one of the hardest goodbyes I have ever had to say.

Rest in peace sweet Molly Monster Joyce. We will love you forever.


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