Foods I love, like and Won't Eat !!


 The pickiest Eater In the County  

I think I have already mentioned before that I am a pretty picky eater. I am not sure why but I am. And as far as I know I have always been that way.  I bet you remember me saying that I LOVE junk food like cheese fries and absolutely LOATHE Boost. A lot of people ask me "what do you like?" So, here it is:

My Top 5 Favorite Foods of ALL TIME 

5.  broccoli 

4. roast pork

3. mashed potatoes 

2. cheese fries 

1. Mac and cheese (The VERY BEST FOOD IN ALL THE WORLD) 

Not surprising, if you ask me. These are just good foods unless you are like my mom and don't like meat or cheese. 


Top 5 Foods I Like, 

5. Chinese chicken

4. Spaghetti and meatballs (Yes, meatballs are a must! )

3. Popcorn (in any form)

2.  chicken pot pie

1. Alfredo pasta

These are foods that I don't get much of because they, just like the foods on my love list, are sort of junkfood'ish. But I like some healthy foods, too, just in case you were worried. Not included on my list are raspberries, blackberries, celery, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, vegetarian chicken (my mom makes great vegetarian chicken wing dip!) As much as it hurts to say it, the veggie chicken should probably be on a "favorite" list.



5. eggplant  (why is that even a food?)

4. Beans ( I like green beans but that is it ) 

3.  mushrooms (no one should be eating fungus)

4.  bananas (I hear they are good for you but they taste and smell weird)

1. Seafood of all kinds (just nope)


So, there you have it. I'm growing, I take my vitamins and I am encouraged to try new things. Cooking helps inspire me to give new foods a try but a girl likes what a girl likes. 




Chloe Joyce