Did You Know That I Am a Band Geek?

I started band when I was in 5th grade. I play the clarinet and this year I am starting percussion. I am also learning the ukulele. My lung doctor was blown away when he heard I played clarinet. There was an expectation that I would not be able to play a wind instrument at all because of my small lung capacity. Take that, statistics! Sometimes I do get out of breath while I am playing so I finger along until I catch my breath, again. Have you ever heard this fact: when you play music it expands your brain (and your lungs)?

Math was never my thing until I started playing music and learning that you actually have to read sheet music and not guess what to do next (ha ha). Research says that learning and playing music increases your intelligence.

So far, my favorite song that we ever played was the theme to Jurassic park. I just love the way it sounded! I actually love playing all instrumental soundtrack music.

When I turned 12 my Meme and Papa got me a ukulele because I was so interested in music and I just loved watching and listening to Grace Vanderwaal. I have been trying to learn the fingerings but it is not as easy as it appears. My schedule changed for this current semester from art to general music so you can imagine my surprise when I heard that ukulele would be taught! I was blown away when I saw on the board review ukulele! so that was pretty cool!

I started to learn a little bit of percussion this year, too, and believe me when I tell you this: the sheet music does not have written beats. It is all A-G notes and it is a lot harder than it looks. But I know with enough hard work, my efforts will pay off!

Chloe Joyce