So You're Having Surgery


Your doctor tells you that you need surgery.

First of all, DON'T freak out. It is OK to be nervous but try to keep worry off your mind - the doctors know what they are doing. Here are some tips to help keep you calm: 

1. Think about the things fun to do before surgery and after surgery.
When I had my hp surgery I planned  fun things to do before surgery. I knew I wanted to sit on the floor as much as possible since I wouldn't be able to for a long time after surgery. Since swimming would be out of the question, too, I went to the beach LOTS and swam on the hotel pools! I loaded up on my favorite foods and went shopping.  I also liked to pick out some fun little crafts to take with me to the hospital. On the way home from the hospital I slept A LOT but when I got home I had movies galore! I also would sit on the deck with my mom and dog Bailey. Fresh air and sunshine was a must! 

2. Bring something comfortable. 
I  brought a special blanket with me that I knew would make me happy. I also brought my phone and headphones so i could listen to music. My favorite stuffed Cinderella has gone to almost every surgery  so I had to bring her. 

3. Learn about your surgery. 
My doctor gave me a booklet on the surgery and I read it cover to cover at least 5 times! I asked a lot of questions too! Then you know what to expect. 

Surgery doesn't have to make you feel out of control so make the best of it by controlling what you can.  

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