What Does Hockey Mean To Me And My Family?


Go Hurricanes!

For as long as I can remember my family has kept hockey in a special place within our hearts! We are all die-hard Carolina Hurricanes fans! My mom and brother also follow the Boston Bruins so competition can get pretty serious when the Canes play the Bruins. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love #Boston and all but there is something about the Bruins that just gives me competition vibes (long live Erik Cole… long live Jordan Staal!).

Playing Hockey

When I was about four and a half I started to play sled hockey. Sled hockey is just the same concept as hockey, hockey, but the players are in a sled sitting in a bucket-like seat and legs straight out! Sled hockey players use two sticks with ice picks at the end for shooting and propelling. I did, unfortunately, stop playing sled hockey because I got too cold. My hips and tush were sore even with my padded seat. Also, I’ve actually decided that playing sports just is not my thing - watching them, however… that’s my thing (along with crafting, sewing, blogging, soap-making, and music). Wheelchair or not, it doesn’t mean that I can’t have just as much fun playing sports as everyone else!

My Family and Hockey!

My family loves hockey a lot - including my Mom; she always gets into a game with us whenever we watch one! She is our biggest cheerleader! Whenever we go to open skate my Dad and Amazing little (big) brother Ethan gets into their skates and my Mom and I get into a sled. We also love to go to our local college team games. Go Oswego Lakers! We usually go once or twice a year and load up on snacks from the concession stand (hello, cheese fries and cheese pretzels)! Sometimes I joke around saying that we need to get our dogs in ice skates and put them on the ice too! What I really enjoy doing is just having a ball with my family doing or watching something we all love! And remember Go Hurricanes!


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