Wheelchairs In The Winter


Yes, I know It Is spring But Still…

Being in a wheelchair in the winter can be difficult: I live in good old Central New York so I know the struggle. I love winter because of Christmas, my birthday and snow days. Yet, even with all of the good things there is always a struggle getting up the ramp - even when it is shoveled - because of the remaining snow.My powerchair slides all over the the ice! It can be really funny and even a little exciting! Since I am still homebound I can take my manual chair to my Great-Grandfathers when the snow is really coming down. Wheeling around in the house can be hard on carpet.

Even will these snow complaints, I like to remember that there are some good things about snow, too. I like seeing that magical Christmas snow when I wake up around 3:30 in the morning (Yes, I am always up early thinking and hoping that it is 7:00 am). I also like to build little snow sculptures on the deck with my brother and sometimes I even get to go sledding! My awesome brother Ethan pulls me up the hill so we can go down together. Due to my hip surgery I haven't been able to go sledding these past two years but hopefully I will be back at it by next year.

It is March now and greenery is on the horizon. So, it is time to say goodbye to all of this snow and say hello spring!


Chloe JoyceComment