Uncle Corey


AKA Funcle 

You are probably wondering how my blog came to be. It was my Uncle Corey who inspired the idea and I would love to tell you all about it. First of all, a little background: Whenever Uncle Corey comes we always get so exited to see him because we do not see each other in person often since my uncle lives in Europe. Even so, we love any Facetime visits or face-to-face visits we can get! Uncle Corey loves to be silly with us. We have so much fun with him. When he's here we love going to the beach, taking walks on the pier, swimming, painting rocks to take to the local nature center to hide, and hanging out and watching movies! He is very creative and smart. It was this past Christmas when I shared with him my story ,"Operation Chloe" story via Google Slides. He told me that he admired my voice and thought others should hear what I had to say. So, my Uncle Corey designed my whole website!

We always appreciate the time we get to share when he comes over and we make the most out of our time with him. Whenever he has to go back it is always sad but I know we have Facetime and we can always talk with each other!  Uncle Corey is really the reason that I am typing this blog now and so he's the reason that companies have contacted me to share my stories. I can credit him for helping me to find my voice and learn how to share it with the world. Thank you, Funcle! I love you.


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