Adaptive Design


So Exited To Use This Desk Everywhere! 

I recently received an amazing lap desk that will go everywhere with me! I really appreciate all of the time and effort that Adaptive Design put into this! What I really like about this desk is that it’s completely handmade and (believe it or not) it is made out of cardboard!! The whole thing was an amazing process that took a lot of cooperation and time. We got to Facetime some of the volunteers in order to plan the desk’s design. Then, we got to Facetime again during the build to see how it was done! My desk was delivered to me with a coat of primer so that I could paint it myself! That was so thoughtful of the team (they know how I love crafting). This desk is really cool and one of a kind!


Please visit their website to learn more about this process. You really can’t believe how many sturdy and useful things that can be handmade from cardboard.

Chloe Joyce1 Comment