Going Back To Boston


Back to Boston  

In just a couple of days I am heading back to Boston for another follow up appointment. This will be my 9th visit since my August surgery.  I am hoping that this appointment will be the one that allows me to get back to my base line. Being able to get back to base line would be huge for my independence! I have waited almost a year to get back some independent mobility. A couple of the things I am looking forward to doing after my orthopedic appointment are:

1) Sitting on the floor. The floor is an under-rated space. I have missed drawing, reading, playing games and crafting on the floor. The floor is such a wide-open space with so much room to spread out. The couch is cool and all but over-rated for a busy girl. I completely understand the phrase ¨couch potato.¨ 

2)  Sleeping on my stomach.  Just recently, I was allowed to lay on my stomach during physical therapy and it was the best feeling! Sleeping on my stomach would be liberating!

3) When we go to Boston we are going to go to my favorite place: The New England Aquarium. My favorite exhibit there is the sting ray touch tank. The sting ray pups love to be pet! They are soooo cute! I hope that I will have some flexibility to lean towards the sting rays so I can pet them. 

There are plenty of other things to look forward to getting back to. My family and I have worked long and hard to get this far. When I head back to Boston I I have things to look forward to and also things that give me the jitters. I hope to get good news that allow me to get back to being my independent self.  I can´t wait to write about my adventures when we get home!           

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