Billboards, Elevators And A Bus


Amazing things are happening! 

The past couple of days have been amazing!  I got to see my friend Maggie who told me that I was "all over the children's hospital!" She wasn't kidding. First, I have to fill you in:

Doctor Shore appointment: I found out that I can start taking some steps (soooo exciting) and I can do some other things to help with getting back to normal. He is pleased with my progress and my hips have stayed in place. I even get to bring them to "neutral position." That means that my legs can be straight out in front of me. I just can't bring them to midline (yet).

Donating blankets:  When I had my first spine surgery at 2 and a half,  I was given a blanket to warm me up. I have also been lucky enough to receive a couple other blankets during other hospitalizations. There is something comforting about a new blanket. For this trip I wanted other kids to experience the same comforting feeling. So, I went to Joanne Fabrics, picked out some nautical fabric, got out my sewing machine, and whipped up a few blankets to donate. I loved knowing that I could pay this kindness forward and help kids who are hurting to be nice and warm! I made 3 aquatic themed blankets (since I LOVE the New England Aquarium) to donate to the children's hospital. It really makes me happy to give back for all of the wonderful things Boston Children's has done for me.  

Boston Children's Hospital: So, you know how I said before that I was all over the hospital?  Well, on the way to the Boston Children's Volunteer office (to donate the blankets) there I was on a HUGE bilboard? Then, right in the clinic room I saw my face scroll by on the screen saver! And there I was again on the elevator! When I was on that elevator, a nurse walked in and was looking from me to the elevator poster and back again before I squealed, "yes, that's me!" How exciting. As we were riding back to the hotel in the Homewood Suites shuttle, I shouted "I am on a bus?!" Billy, our friend the shuttle driver, quickly changed lanes and followed the bus so we could get a better look. I can't believe it! People were looking at me then looking back at the signs and saying "that's you, isn't it?" Of course I told the story behind it all! 

Homewood Suites: If you are ever looking for a fantastic place to stay that is clean, has the best Belgium Waffles, and is easy and safe to walk around, look no further. The Brookline Homewood Suites on Boylston St. in Brookline has some of the kindest most helpful people we have ever met. We really have a home-away-from-home here. If you go there, please tell Billy (the shuttle driver), Lynda, Karen and Christina that I said hello. 

The New England Aquarium: Every once and a while we go the the coolest place ever.  The New England Aquarium has amazing exhibits! One of my personal favorites is the shark and sting ray touch tank! They have a ton of exhibits. Another favorite is the huge tank right in the middle of the aquarium. It has hundreds and hundreds of fish and even two beautiful sea turtles!! This is really my favorite place to go and, seriously, if you are ever in Boston you have to check this place out! 




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