Just Keep Swimming … For Goldfish Crackers


Choose Your Joy! 

Lately I have not been up to very much, school is going really good! I am maintaining high honor role so that's exiting.  It's the last month of school for me and my brother! Last week I was a guest speaker at the local elementary school where my brother goes to school. I spoke and assisted at a Move Along inc. event. If you have never heard of Move Along, Inc., what they do is help people who have mobility disabilities participate in sports by adapting those sports. Everyone can participate in all different kinds of sports with a little teamwork, ingenuity and lots of special equipment. When we were there we were teaching kids how to play wheelchair basketball and sled-hockey. We let them try out sport wheelchairs, too. When we did the introduction we told them that we do this so that able bodied and disabled people can try adaptive equipment to realize that we are all the same. 

The Monday before the move along talk I was diagnosed with a UTI ( witch just means I have have a  bladder infection). When I got home from the Move Along event I started to get chills and a fever again so my mom called the doctor on call. We were told to go straight to the ER. Just to put in a little humor into all of this: it was also the season finale of my favorite show but lucky for me I already had it recorded!

We waited in the ER for a couple of hours since it was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday night.  We finally got into a room at around 11:00 PM. The ER doctor came in and said they would hook me up with an IV antibiotic and board me there for the night. That was fine for me:  I guess the only thing I complained about was the IV. I ended up being admitted to the pediatric floor with a diagnosed kidney infection. After some IV fluids and some good, strong, antibiotic, My meme and my brother also sent me a microphone that plugs into my cell phone and I got my favorite thing in the hospital Goldfish crackers! Goldfish have always been my favorite snack in the hospital they help me keep swimming! I got to go home on Friday afternoon - just in time for the holiday weekend! 

After I was discharged, we got to camp at my Great Grandfather's pond and, over all, I had a really fun weekend! We went fishing and hung out with my cousins too!      

So, hospital stay or not, I chose to make it the best I could. My mom and I played games, my brother brought a science experiment and goldfish crackers (he know how much I love those). I got treats from my Meme and friends sent flowers. We also got to have this incredible view of the city and watched some beautiful sunsets. So, everyone, choose happiness and make your own fun. It's not so bad if you are thankful for the beauty in every moment. 


Our beautiful view from the hospital window! 

Our beautiful view from the hospital window! 

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