I Stood Up For The First Time In 6 Months!


My legs are tired! 

So I have Big news! As you already know I can bend my knees and it feels so good! Now, I wanted to keep it a surprise so here it is: I STOOD UP FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 6 MONTHS!  If you were wondering I cannot walk (using my walker) just yet. It feels so good to finally stand up again during PT but I can get really sore so I have to take a few breaks in between standing sessions. Of course there are risks of standing up such as: 

  • Pain in my legs 
  • Foot pains 
  • and worse of all HIP CLICKS

   But there are lots of benefits to standing, too! 

  • muscle building
  • bone building and osteoporosis prevention 
  • lung expansion (it helps with breathing)

Have you ever not done something in so long and you are afraid to do it again? Well that is me right now. At the last second, before I stood up for the first time I got really nervous. Soon after though I was so exited. As I was standing I was thinking  "Oh no. If my hip clicks I will back to square 1."   But, when I finally stood up it was a relief! "I did it," I thought.

So even though that standing for me is not new, it was hard. Hard or not, I put faith in my physical therapist, my mom and my doctors and more so myself. I'm up for this challenge and in fact I really enjoy the challenge of standing again. 


Standing up feels great

Standing up feels great

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