Wheelchair Friendly Schools


Working Elevators Are a Must

Finding a working elevator in a public place or even in schools can sometimes be difficult. Where I go to school we have a working elevator and the key. But in other schools - like where my mom works - her elevator is not always ready to use. I just get sooo excited when there is a working elevator anywhere because it means I get to participate in the event that we are going to. When I  knew school had a accessible elevator I was relieved especially since knew I would be getting a power chair.

Sometimes, when I go to a school event the elevator is not unlocked. So, we have to find someone to unlock the elevator. Fortunately, many places do have working elevators or ramps and sometimes there are both.

Thinking ahead and planning for access is part of daily life. For me, my family and many other people living with wheels, planning can be complex. Maybe if we all spend a little time thinking about inclusion, those barriers may eventually disappear and we can all park and travel together.

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