Ten Top Tens Part 8


Spoiler Warning!! If You have not seen Avengers Endgame Do Not Read!

10) Hawkeye: I really think he is an under appreciated character. Hawkeye really brings the Avengers together and always finds the best of things. 

9) Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel is a really good character! I wish she was in more of Endgame! 

8) Loki: I know he is a bad guy but we all know that he tries to save the universe in Avengers Infinity War. So maybe Loki is not all bad. We all have a little bit of sibling rivalry now and then(but not as bad as Thor and Loki)!

7) Stan Lee: I know Stan Lee was an actual person but the characters he played in his small maybe twenty second cameos were so amazing!  

6) The Hulk: This is another awesome character! Hulk always makes a good last second entrance! 

5) scarlet witch: This character is so powerful! If Thanos did not yell “fire!” in Endgame she would have torn him apart! (Literally) 

4) Thor: Everyone loves it when Thor swings in with his amazing lightning! 

3) Black Widow: This is seriously an amazing character. Natasha is always trying to make the world a better place. She always did “Whatever it takes”  

2) Iron Man: Tony Stark,  saved the universe by snapping his fingers and taking in all of the gamma Radiation. I was so embarrassed in the theater when I was bawling my eyes out when Tony died. But there are theories out there that he uploaded his mind into a computer! 

  1. Captain America!: I think you all saw this one coming! Cap is my favorite! Who can blame me? The person Cap is it just amazing! After all he is worthy of Thor’s hammer!

Look out for my next top ten! My favorite foods! 


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