Ten Top Tens Part 7


Top Ten Reasons Why I Am A Avengers Fan!

 I was not always an Avengers fan. A few years ago I wanted nothing to do with the Avengers (mostly because my brother was watching the movies nonstop but who can blame him. Quite honestly that's me, now.) It wasn’t until Avengers Infinity War came out and I have no idea that happened, but what I do know is that my inner Avenger sparked!!! Here is top ten reasons why I am an Avengers fan. 

  1. Captain America!: Who can blame me? He’s Captain America. The things he does for the world is amazing. I always strive to be a little more like Cap.

  2. The Action: The, flips,the dodges whatever they do I’m all in! When All of the Avengers are fighting Thanos in Endgame I can’t stay in my seat! 

  3. The Music: I have most of the MCU playlists on my phone and I listen to them A LOT. Especially “Portals” from Endgame. I will probably end up making that my alarm for school. 

  4.   The Humor: Everyone knows the Avengers humor in all of the movies. Perfectly timed humor is what takes the nail-biting edge of the suspense and really makes the movies so good.

  5. The Enemy: Alright I know that you all are shocked with this one but if there was no enemy there would be no movie. Plus the good guys and girls always win. 

  6. The Tech: Tony’s tech is amazing and way beyond our years. I would LOVE to have a Tony Stark style computer to write my blogs on! How fun would that be? And who doesn’t love Rody’s bionic legs? 

  7. Thor - and his hammer: For those of you who have not seen Endgame skip this whole paragraph! Major spoiler Alert!!! When Thor uses his hammer to save everyone it just makes me so happy! But when Captain picks up the precious hammer to save Thor it is the greatest thing you will ever see! 

  8. How Everything Ties in: If you watch all 22 movies in order you will really see all of the Easter eggs in the movies. Sometimes I find an egg that just blows my mind - it’s genius how everything connects.

  9. The Teamwork: The Avengers always work together and do “Whatever it takes”-The Avengers 

  10. Stan Lee’s Cameos: I always appreciated that the creator of Marvel showed up in every movie. I will miss the cameos so much! 

What is your favorite MCU moment? Drop a comment in the comment box!

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