Ten Top Tens


Day 1

Because I love top tens, here is my first summer series called: “Ten Top Tens” Day 1 is:

My Top Ten Favorite Things to do in the Summer. 

  1. Going for walks on the beach. I just love going to our local beach at the end of the day to watch the sunset and see the water sparkle! Another reason to love the beach is going on a hot summer day and putting your feet in the sand and, of course, go swimming (when the water is warm). 

  2. Staying up late!! During the school year I usually go into bed at 7:30pm and read until 8pm- so not too bad for a school night. But in the summer me and Ethan stay up until at least 10at night. I love to watch a good movie in the living room and camp out! 

  3. The Joyce family annual water gun war. For the past several years to kick off the summer my family will go to the store to stock up on some water war supplies. I like to call this war of water. It is the best way to kick off the summer!

  4. Mall visits On a really hot summer day my whole family will go up to the mall to keep cool. We shop and shop and get a good summer lunch and shop some more! (I think you all probably know this by now I love the mall! If I had it my way I would go to the mall every day! But I really need to work on saving my money.) 

  5. Outside time. My Great-grandfather owns has a pond and pavilion for our family to come over and visit! Once or twice a summer we will drive over the whole two miles (yes I meant two not twenty. We live very close so we are over there a lot! We have sooo much fun!) and my cousins will come out to join us for some outdoor fun! It is the best time! 

  6. Taking the dogs out. I love to take Lucy and Bailey out for a little walk at night. Especially when it is dry out. Lucy will be running around the yard ( we can let Lucy off the leash because she will come back without a problem) and watching her run! Bailey- I have his leash attached to my seat belt so I can wheel with him and he can't just get away. (A little tip for anyone who uses a wheelchair and you have a dog- take your dogs lead and put the handle in your seat belt! I have used this trick a lot over the years and trust me it works and you don't have to worry about your dog getting away)

  7. Swimming. For the past couple of summers my Mom, Meme, Ethan and myself will go to a local pool and swim! We have such a great time! And afterwards we go and get ice cream! We usually do this once or twice a week.

  8. Rainy days. Ok I know what your thinking why does this girl like the rain? Haven't we gotten enough rain already? Rainy days can be a good thing. I personally like them because it gives you an excuse to stay inside and watch movies and play board games. Don't get me wrong I love the sunny weather but rainy days are good, too! 

  9. Drive In. Another one of my favorite things to do is after a nice day of summer vacation and watch new movies and eat cheese fries at the Drive In. We are really lucky to have a Midway nearby! 

  10. Back to school shopping. If you know me, I am an office supply weirdo. If I find some notebook or a folder or pens at the store I need it (especially if it has sparkles!). I am told I have to many folders and things like that but the way I put it is you can never be to organized! I love finding pretty folders and decorations for my locker!  

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