Operation Chloe: Part 7


So how am I doing now?

Yes, I am smiling. Keeping a positive attitude makes the hard stuff go by faster. The doctors help keep my health in good shape and my tutor keeps my brain in shape. Since I am not in school, my tutor comes every day to help me keep up with my school work. Getting some sunshine has also makes me feel happy.

So what's next?

I head back to Boston in 7 weeks to see how I am healing. I hope to start PT after we return. I can’t wait to walk again! I know it’s going to be hard but I have lots of reasons to keep trying. I will also keep up with my school work so that I can learn what all the other 7th graders are learning. I miss seeing my friends and my aide Mrs. Watson every day, though.

Being funny after my first back surgery.

Being funny after my first back surgery.

I won't quit!

I went back to boston for a post-op checkup with my doctor.My appointment did not go as planned. My hip came out of place again. I had a revision to lengthen my adductor muscle. Since my revision I have been back to Boston every two to four weeks. I am doing well but i have been a little depressed lately because I can't really move. The doctor says that it is normal. What makes me feel better is try to make something funny.

Remember always put humor into life!!

Corey Olin